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Profict Partners
Profict Partners
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Profict Partners offers you the international media partnerships which make your media or TV programme business successful. Our speciality in this business area is the internationalization of the Finnish TV programme formats. We help Finnish media companies to develop ideas and formats, execute pilot productions and raise funding. We represent the Israeli Format Fund in Finland, and look for ideas, paper formats and ready made productions to be commercialized and internationalized together with our investor network. See pictures.


Profict Partners offers growth services for health, life science and the wellbeing sector. We build success stories for our client companies together with global market partners. As a Tekes service provider we operate Big Themes market initiatives, and have formed and managed several growth networks of companies in target markets. These market areas include Nordic, Europe, The Middle East, Asia and North-America.

Software and ICT business sector

Profict is an experienced and well known service company in the software and ICT business sector. Our founding partners are professional board members who have been responsible of a number of mergers and acquisitions, funding arrangements, and IPOs. We can help your software and ICT company in internationalization, renewing the business strategy and in business analysis. Our speciality is also performance management and leading sales and marketing productively.

Accelerator programme

Profict is a leading accelerator operator in Finland. We are coordinating the Vigo programme, which accelerates the funding and internationalization of start-up companies in Finland. Vigo has acquired private funding for its target companies exceeding EUR 327 million. A major part of the EUR 327 million, approximately EUR 244 million, stems from foreign private investors and business angels. In addition to this more than EUR 70 million of public equity has been spent on the target companies during the Vigo AcceleratorRead more about Vigo here..

About Us

Who Are We?

Profict Partners Oy (Ltd.) is your best partner in internationalization and growth. We offer you the right international partners, funding paths, and make your business grow. Our expertise is based on diverse experience from international business as well as from leading businesses to growth.

We are also specialized in developing and evaluating the Finnish innovation system and coordinating national programmes for growth and internationalization. At the moment we are managing the execution of Vigo Accelerator Program launched by the Ministry of Employment and Economy in 2009, and managing Tekes Big Themes global market initiative on health and life science sectors.

Our approach is flexible yet efficient starting from strategic advising and ranging through operative management to board membership depending on the customers situation. Our network of domestic and international professional board members, seasoned executives and multi-disciplined experts is available to help companies draft and implement efficient strategies for to grow to international markets.


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